enviLog Mini for temperature measurement chain

Collect of up to 30 temperature measurements in one cable bundle

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Create autonomous long-term measurement series up to 30 different measurement depths or distances up to 100 m simultaneously

  • Handy radio data logger for temperature measurement chains with up to 30 temperature sensors in one cable bundle up to 100 m length
  • Durable(up to 10 years; depending on the settings)
  • Possible connection to enviLog Midi and enviLog Maxivia radio, values are logged with fixed sensors
  • Easy to use software
  • Wireless communication with PC via radio
  • Measured values displayed in real time and can be configured on PC
  • Conversion of data to Excel format available at the push of a button
Number of channels: 30, in addition temperature and battery status in logger housing
Physical Interfaces:

2W-BUS-input for 2-wire-BUS-sensors

near field radio-interface for communication with PC

Radio frequency: 433 MHz
Range: 100 m (unhindered)
Memory: 2,048 kB (ca. 300,000 measuring values), non-volatile
Power supply voltage: 3.6 V DC (Li-SOCI2)
Housing: VA, Weather and dust proof protection (IP 68)
Dimensions: shaft length: ca. 120 mm, diameter = 20 mm