Leaching columns

Performance of saturated and unsaturated percolation tests

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Percolation of mineral residues to determine breakthrough curves

  • Standard column version:
  • ID glass tube:435.50SC50 mm
    435.65SC65 mm
    435.100SC100 mm
  • OD glass tube:435.50SC60 mm
    435.65SC75 mm
    435.100SC110 mm
  • Height glass tube:435.50SC300 mm
    435.65SC320 mm
    435.100SC440 mm
  • Total height:435.50SC410 mm
    435.65SC440 mm
    435.100SC610 mm
  • Simple, tool-free assembly and filling of columns
  • Glass columns made of borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Fastener clamp to prevent leaks
  • Available dimensions according to requirements of DIN 19528:2009 (others on request)
  • Special editions/ accessories available:
    • Stainless steel column minimize disturbance of samples. Optional: Junctions for e.g. Redox-electrodes and mini suction cups
    • Column base with integrated suction plate for unsaturated experiments
    • Tube made of acrylic glass. Possibility to connect junctions for mini suction cups
    • Drop weight for column packing