Mobile weather station (Type SAG)

Compact system for weather measurement around power lines

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Mobile weather station (Type SAG) for the measurement of weather parameters around power lines with integrated data logger. The sensor equipment contains an ultrasonic anemometer to measure wind velocity and direction, a silicon pyranometer to measure global radiation and two digital Pt1000-sensors to measure air and soil temperature.

  • Compact system, easy handling
  • Integrated data logger with memory for 200,000 measured values
  • Tilting sensor unit for levelling in uneven terrain
  • Wireless readout of data via radio
A) Ultrasonic anemometer (Measuring range; resolution; accuracy)
Wind velocity: 0 ... 60 m/s; 0,1 m/s; ±3% bei 10 m/s
Wind direction: 0 ... 360°; 1°; ±3
B) Silicon Pyranometer  
Measuring range: 0...2000 W/m²
Sensitivity: 60...100 μV/W/m²
Spectral range 400...1100 nm
C) Temperature sensor  
Measuring range: -40...+85°C
Resolution 0,01°C
Accuracy: ±0,1°C
Power supply: 12 V DC via internal battery
Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 410 mm (transport box)
Weight ca. 5 kg