Contactless discharge / flow measurement for wide rivers with inhomogeneous distribution of flow velocity

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In a system configuration of one master-radar sensor and several slave-radar sensors, the velocity is measured at several points throughout the whole water cross-section. This system guarantees very high accuracy of the discharge measurement even for very wide water bodies.

The main advantage of the RQ-30D is that the discharge can be measured more precisely, especially in rivers and streams where the flow velocity is distributed inhomogeneously over the cross-section. Varying velocities can be observed in very broad streams and in situations where the measuring site is located close to a river bend, an incoming river or river locks.

In order to capture the complete flow-profile even more accurately, the RQ-30D system measures multiple individual flow velocities dispersed over the width of the body of water.

  • Discharge measurement with high accuracy – ideal for very wide rivers with inhomogeneous velocity distribution
  • One water level measurement and multiple individual velocity measurements
  • Proven RQ-radar technology, contactless measurement, maintenance free system, flood-proof
  • No structural work necessary in the water
  • Recognition of flow direction an hysteresis effects
  • Measurement in tidal waters
  • Measurement in backwater situations
  • Measures even where weed growth prevails and sensor is not affected by turbidity
  • Measuring range from +/- 0.10 to +/- 15 m/s (depending on the flow conditions)
  • Analogue outputs from 4 to 20 mA (optional)
Dimensions: Master: 338 x 333 x 154 mm
Slave: 175 x 154 x 246
Total weight: Master: 5,4 kg
Slave: 2,7 kg
Protection: IP 67
Power supply: 6...30 V
Power consumption at 12V: standby approx. 1mA;
active operation approx. 140mA
Operating temperature: -35...+60 °C
Distance to surface: 0,50...35 m
Miscellaneous: integrated lightning protection
Waterlevel measurement  
Measurement range: 0...15 m standard version / 0...35 m extended version
Accuracy: +/- 0,01 m/s; +/- 1 % FS
Resolution: 1 mm/s
Radar frequency: 26 GHz (K-Band)
Radar opening angle: 10°
Velocity measurement  
Measuring range: 0.10...15 m/s (depending on flow conditions)
Accuracy: +/- 0.01 m/s; +/- 1 % FS
Resolution: 1 mm/s
Direction recognition: +/-
Measuring duration: 5...240 sec.
Measuring interval: 8 sec. ...5h
Measuring frequency: 24 GHz (K-Band)
Radar opening angle: 12°
Distance to water surface: 0,50...35 m
Minimum swell needed: 3 mm
Automatic vertical angle compensation  
Accuracy: +/- 1°
Resolution: +/- 0,1°
Interface: 1x SDI-12 1 x RS 485 or Modbus
Transfer rate: 1.2...19.2 kBd
Protocol: diverse ASCII-protocols
Output: discharge rate, flow velocity, waterlevel, quality parameters