Air eclector (plastic)

Air eclector (plastic) - Insect trap for flying insects

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The air eclector consists of four transparent plastic plates arranged in a crosswise fashion. This special construction facilitates trapping regardless of wind direction. As such, this air eclector is a good alternative to window traps

  • Combination of eclector head box and collecting funnel
  • Easy handling
Height: ca. 130 cm
Catching surfaces
Material: Plastic, transparent
Height x width: Four surfaces à 65 x 12 cm
Collecting funnel
Material: Plastic, light
Head box nozzle
Material: Plastic, inner side roughened
Diameter: 7,5 cm
Eclector head box
Head box : Clear translucent, unbreakable plastic splice-free
Lid: Polystyrene
Diameter: 15 cm
Height: 11 cm
Collecting bottle
Material: Plastic
Volume: 1000 ml