Electronic vacuum controller

Provision of a precisely controlled vacuum

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  • Continuously adjustable vacuum value
  • Limit are precisely and independently adjustable
  • System pressure fluctuates depending on requirements between very narrow or very wide set limits
  • Pump size and pressure adjusted to requirements
  • Battery operated (optional solar-powered)
Operating voltage: 4332/4:12 V DC
4332/16:12 V DC
Delivery rate: 4332/4:4 l/min
4332/16:16 l/min
Power consumption: 4332/4:0,5 A
4332/16:1,8 A
Maximum vacuum: 4332/4:500 hPa
4332/16:850 hPa
Switching hysteresis: continuously variable
Display: 3 separate displays for system pressure, upper and lower limiting value
Standby power consumption: 15 mA
Housing: protection class IP64
Dimensions: 240 mm x 160 mm x 180 mm