MACFADYEN Extractor – High-Gradient-Extractor

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Extraction apparatus to automatically expel soil arthropods, especially mites and collembolans.

Soil samples are heated from above via hot air and cooled and slightly moistened by cool humidified air from below. Arthropods move towards the cool area and are collected via a collecting funnel in the collecting vessels on the underside of the extractor.

  • Electronic temperature regulation
  • Programmable process control (optional available)
  • Collecting vessels are accessible during extraction
  • Variable dimensions possible
Sample number: 84
Sample volume: 100 - 200 cm³
Material sample sieves: Stainless steel
Mesh size: 2 mm
Heating: Air circulation fans
Power: 1000 W
Max. Temperature: 50 - 55°C (sample surface)
upply voltage: S 230 V AC; 50 Hz
Cooling: Separate cooling unit with humidifier
Dimensions: ca. 60 x 200 x 70 cm (H x W x D) extractor
ca. 85 x 60,1 x 62,8 cm ( H x W x D) cooling unit