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Allmodels  of our enviLog Midi- and Maxi-Data loggers have more than 48 channels (measuring parameters), memory space for ca. 300,000 measured values as well as near field radio equipment for wireless communication via your PC. With the help ofextension modules up to 48 sensors can be connected to all enviLog Midi and Maxi.

In addition, a further two significantoptions can be selected:

1. Remote data transmission (DFÜ or RDT remote data transmission via GPRS).

2. Connection of sensors with ananalogueoutput signal right on logger housing.

enviLog Midi, enviLog Midi (DFÜ/RDT), enviLog Maxi, enviLog Maxi (DFÜ/RDT)

Remote Data:

48 channels (measuring parameters) In addition relative humidity & temperature in logger housing and power supply voltage
2 MB memory for ca. 300,000 measuring values,non-volatile
1 Near field radio-interface for wireless communication
2 SDI-12-Inputs
Up to 48 SDI-inputs through extension modules
Up to 48 analogue inputs through extension modules
1 2W-BUS-input
Up to 48 2W-BUS-inputs through extension modules
12 V DC

enviLog Midi (DFÜ/RDT), enviLog Maxi (DFÜ/RDT)

Remote Data:

Transmissionnvia GPRS to the Internet, bidirectional communication

enviLog Maxi, enviLog Maxi (DFÜ/RDT)

Remote Data:

3 Analogue Inputs