Soil photo-eclector

Soil photo-eclector – Insect trap for sampling on soils

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Eclector to collect arthropods living on the soil surface and hatching in soils. Can be used to determine hatching abundances (especially of strata changing arthropods) and to collect biological and phenological data. 

Available in tow sizes - ¼ m² and 1 m². 

Barber pitfall traps can be used to determine arthropods crawling on the ground. These are interchangeable and attached using Velcro integrated in the tent roof.

  • To trap phototactic reacting animals
  • Easy to use
  • Combinable with Barber pitfall traps
  • Tent fabric available: light, black or as gauze
Base frame
Material: Plastic grey or aluminium plates
Side height: ca. 25 cm, extension possible
Material: robust, breathable tent fabric, optionally light or black, special version with white gauze cover
Tent holder
Material: Stainless steel
Head box nozzle
Material: Plastic, inner side roughened
Diameter: 7,5 cm
Eclector head box
Head box: Clear, translucent, unbreakable plastic splice-free
Lid: Polystyrene
Diameter: 15 cm
Height: 11 cm