Application example: Monitoring of stem water flow

The University of Göttingen intensive trial site in Ebergötzen

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Monitoring of the stem water flow from tree trunks of different diameters with aliquot sampling

Mini logger for measuring the stem flow rate
enviLog data logger GPRS

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Department of Physical Geography
Geographical Institute
Goldschmidtstraße 5


Dr. Jürgen Grotheer
Dr. Harold Hughes

Project leader:

Prof. Daniela Sauer  

Experimental set up

  • Collection from the main stem of 12 beech trees (? = approx. 14 to 61 cm)
  • Measurement of the flow rate using 12 tipping bucket rain gauges and 12 mini-loggers
  • Data transmission from 12 mini loggers via radio to a central enviLog datalogger (as a main logger for a total of 42 mini loggers - 30 mini loggers for inventory rainfall plus 12 mini loggers for the measurement of base runoff volumes)
  • Automated remote data transfer from the main logger enviLog via GPRS to a database server and from there to the user PC
  • Aliquot discharge in PE sample bottles for laboratory analysis, recycling the amount of residual water to the tree root
  • Installation and commissioning by ecoTech