Tree trunk eclectors for standing trees

Tree trunk eclectors for standing trees

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Insect trap for sampling on standing trees 

Open tree trunk eclectors can be used to trap arthropods crawling up the trunk to investigate the trunk segment population and variations in the strata. Also used to carry out studies on the phenology of arthropods and activity periods in the stem and crown layer.
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Closed tree trunk eclectors can be used to trap bark and wood dwelling, stem hatching arthropods.

  • Eclector available as closed model or open at the bottom
  • Combination of eclector head box and collecting bottles
  • Breathable, weather-resistant tent fabric
Collecting tent: Material:Breathable,
fabric, black
Bottom plate: Material:Plastic,
Assembly parts: Material:V2A stainless,
galvanized steel
Head box nozzle: Material:Plastic
inner side roughened
Diameter:7,5 cm
Eclector head box: Head box:Clear
unbreakable plastic
Diameter:15 cm,
Height:11 cm
Collecting funnel: Material:Plastic
Collecting bottle: Material:Plastic,
Volume:1000 ml