Water eclector

Collection of water-hatching insects

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Floating eclector (¼ m² or 1 m²) to collect water-hatching insects. Determine hatching abundances (especially of strata changing animals) and collect biological and phenological data. 

  • To trap phototactic reacting animals
  • Easy to use
  • Resilient materials
Base frame
Material: Grey plastic
Side height: ca. 15 cm
Catching surface ¼ m² or 1 m²
Material: Durable gauze
Tent holder
Material: Stainless steel
Head box nozzle
Material: Plastic, inner side roughened
Diameter: 7,5 cm
Eclector head box
Head box: Clear, translucent, unbreakable plastic, splice-free
Lid: Polystyrene
Diameter: 15 cm
Height: 11 cm
Material: Plastic foamed