Branch eclector

Branch eclector – Trap for arthropods approaching and crawling up or down the branch of the tree.

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The branch eclector is open at one end and can be used to study species composition, phenology and prevalence (although limited usability for prevalence).

Positively phototactic reacting animals moving up towards natural light are trapped inside an eclector head box; animals falling or crawling down are caught in the collecting bottle fitted at the bottom.

  • Simple assembly with Velcro and adjustable spacers
  • Separation of phototactic reacting insects
Half shell cylinder
Material: Plastic
Diameter:  ca. 12-15 cm
Length: ca. 17 cm
Material: Foamed plastic
Eclector head box
Head box: clear, translucent, unbreakable plastic splice-free, lid removable
Lid:  Polystyrene
Diameter: 15 cm,
Height: 11 cm
Collecting funnel
Material:  Plastic
Collecting bottle
Material: Plastic
Volume:  500 ml