Connection module for redox and pH

Monitoring of redox potential and pH-value

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Long term monitoring of soil-pH and redox potentials in the field and laboratory

  • High input resistance
  • Galvanic channel separation
  • Output signal SDI-12
  • Compatible with data logger enviLog
  • One, two or four adjustable measuring circuits
Measuring range: +/- 1250 mV
Input resistance: > 1 Teraohm (TΩ)
Stromaufnahme: ca. 120 mA
Galvanic channel separation (analog and SDI-12): up to 500 V
Typical Isolation Insulation resistance: 1 Gigaohm (GΩ
Output signal: SDI-12
Measuring modes: programmable
Circuits: 1 up to 71
pH/Redox-electrodes: 2 up to 2 x 32
Ref.-electrodes: 4 up to 4 x 14