Data logger enviLog Mobil

Mobile collection, storage and presentation of measured data

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Temporary data collection over a limited period of time or at locations without stationary measuring stations

  • enviLog Midi portable, vandal-proof and lockable
  • Waterproof and shock resistant transport case with integrated battery
  • SDI12 input jacks formulti parametersensors (e.g. Meteo-combi sensors, pF-Meter, YSI multiparameter probes, etc.)
  • Up to six weeks non-interrupted operation due to very low power consumption; integrated 7.2 Ah battery
  • Up to 48 sensors (measuring parameters)
  • Easy tousesoftware
  • Wireless communication with PC via radio
  • Anzeige der Messwerte am PC in Echtzeit einstellbar
  • Measured values displayed in real time and can be configured on PCConversion of data to Excel format
  • Available at the push of a buttonIntegrated GPRS-modem for remote data transmission (DFÜ)
  • Easily change parameters and transmission times via remote access through the Internet
  • Alert messages and additional e-mail distribution up to 4 e-mail-recipients
Number of channels: 48, in addition temperature and relative humidity inlogger housing&battery status
Physical Interfaces: 1 SDI-12 input jacks (IP 67)
1 2W-BUS-input for 2-wire-BUS-sensors (IP 67)
1 near field radio-interface for communication with PC
Radio frequency: 100 m (unhindered)
Range: 2,048 kB (ca. 300,000 measuring values), non-volatile
Power supply voltage: 12 V DC
Housing: Weather and dust proof (IP 67)
Dimensions: approx. 340x 300 x 150 mm (L x W x H)