ecoVAC Insect vacuum

Comfortable backpack device by ecoTech

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Device to vacuum insects from the soil, grasses, grain and bushes.

The ecoVAC backpack suction device is equipped with a combustion engine with a continuously variable suction regulation via a throttle grip. The engine is mounted on a comfortably fitting padded carrying frame, which also serves as stand.

  • Infinitely adjustable suction capacity
  • Upholstered backpack-carrying frame
  • Quick-change mechanism for sample bags
  • Complete with backpack-carrying frame with motor, suction tube with holder, 4 sample bags
Engine: 2-stroke combustion engine. Speed-infinitely variable
Air flow max.: 770 m³/h
Volume ISO 22868: 96 dB(A)
Diameter suction opening: 15 cm = 176 cm²
Aspiration speed: 14 m/s
Total weight: ca. 10 kg