enviLog Mini SDI

Data logger enviLog Mini SDI

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Self-sufficient mini-monitoring station with a maximum of four digital sensors (SDI12) and/or usage as part of wireless sensor networks.

  • up to four sensors (up to 12 measurement parameters)
  • can be used as a single logger or as part of a network:
  1. Data transmission from enviLog Mini SDI (= RemoteLogger) via radio to enviLog Midi or enviLog Maxi (= MainLogger)
  2. Measurements transmitted via radio are redundantly logged in the MainLogger (as with permanently connected sensors
  3. Remote data transfer of the MiniLogger readings via the MainLogger to a server (e.g., enviWatch) possible
  • easy-to-use software
  • wireless communication with PC via radio
  • conversion of the data by pressing a button in Excel format
  • including mast holder for easy installation
  • optional: solar module for enviLog Mini SDI
Number of channels: 12, plus temperature in logger housing & supply voltage (battery or solar)
Interfaces physical: 4 SDI-12 inputs for permanently connected sensors
  1 wireless interface for communication with PC
Radio frequency: 433 MHz
Radio Range: 100 m (without obstacle)
Memory: 2048 kB (ca. 300.000 measurement), nonvolatile
Supply voltage: 3.6 V DC lithium battery, opt. solar module 22015 / SM
Case: UV-resistant plastic, IP 67
Dimensions [mm]: 90 x 180 x 130 (l x w x h)