LED greenhouse for laboratory lysimeters

Supply sufficient light and water to plants in container trials

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Supply sufficient light and water to plants in container trials to ensure healthy growth (utility model/IP protected)

Outstanding properties

For use in the greenhouse, we have integrated a high-performance LED in our sprinkler head, thus providing sufficient light and water to the plants growing on the soil surface of a laboratory lysimeter.

The intensity and the emitted light spectrum of the LED can be specifically tailored to the plant growth. This light quality cannot be achieved with commercially available LEDs (e.g. for aquarium use). The light from the LED can be dimmed and is focused on the floor surface of the laboratory lysimeter with the help of an adapted lens. The high efficiency of the LED means the lights are very small, thus only 7 of 163 irrigation nozzles were removed to integrate the lights in the standard sprinkler head.

Additional equipment

  • A holder for a minilogger rF-T to measure the air humidity and air temperature in the greenhouse is integrated into the headspace.
  • Connections in the headspace allow air sampling and the targeted supply of gases to set the desired greenhouse atmosphere.


Inner diameter 300 mm
Outside diameter 340 mm
Total height  650 mm
LED surface ca. 500 mm
Watered area 700 cm²
Light source  
Light output max. 110 µmol/sm² (PAR 400 … 700 nm)
Accessories included  

dimmable switch, heat sink, fan and lens. Temperature display and control with automatic shut down in the event of overheating.