Method book

“Field Measuring Methods in Soil Science”

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In the book, well-known experts explain the most important measuring methods in modern soil science. The reference work also includes methods not previously described and therefore includes not only standard methods but also new monitoring approaches that have only been in use for a few years.

We are pleased that we as editors were allowed to make a contribution to it.

The following questions are treated:

* What is the question to be answered?
* Which parameters need to be measured?
* What techniques do exist and how do they differ?
* Which precision is required and achievable at what price?
* Which is the best technical equipment for the study?
* Which preconditions must be met to get meaningful results?
* How many replicates are required?
* How is the equipment installed and used optimally?
* Which pitfalls lurk when using a certain method?
* How to check data quality and how to interpret the data?

WESSEL-BOTHE, S. & L. WEIHERMÜLLER (2020): Field Measuring Methods in Soil Science; Borntraeger Science Publishers, Stuttgart, 210 S.