pF suction plate module

Determination of soil moisture retention curves (soil water characteristic)

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Determination of pF curves with vacuum. Extension module for pF laboratory station and pF pressure step module, simultaneous use of different pressure steps

  • Up to 40 soil sample rings (100 cm³)
  • Extends sample capacity and pressure step spectrum
  • Includes sampling bottle with level adjustment
  • Precise adjustment of vacuum and drainage level
  • Optional: Module with sample saturation
Active filter area: 480 mm x 280 mm
Adjustable range: approx. 3 hPa (pF 0.5) to approx. 750 hPa (pF 2,9)
Number of sample ring kits: approx. 40 pieces with Ø 53 mm (100 cm³)
  approx. 30 pieces with Ø 60 mm (100 cm³)
  approx. 15 pieces with Ø 84 mm (250 cm³)