pF laboratory station

Determination of soil moisture retention curves (soil water characteristic curves)

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Determination of pF curves within the range of pF 1 (10 hPa) to pF 2.9 (ca. 750 hPa) with precise vacuum setting

  • Desktop device with integrated vacuum pump
  • Very short prep time; suction plates are immediately ready for use following wetting
  • Precise vacuum control with 1 hPa resolution
  • Simultaneous display of system pressure and limiting values
  • Adjustable limit values
  • Rapid drainage of soil samples
  • Protective housing with transparent lid
  • Up to five pF pressure step modules and/or additional pF suction plate modules can be connected
  • Covers the entire pF range (pF 0 - pF 4.2) in combination with membrane apparatus
Active filter area: 480 mm x 280 mm
Adjustable range:approx. 10 hPa (pF 1.0) to approx. 750 hPa (pF 2.9)
Vacuum control: Microprocessor with electronic pressure sensor
Number of sample rings: approx. 40 pieces with Ø 53 mm (100 cm³)
  approx. 30 pieces with Ø 60 mm (100 cm³)
  approx. 15 pieces with Ø 84 mm (250 cm³)
Connection options: 5 pressure step- and/or suction plate modules
Vacuum buffer volume: approx. 14 l
Vacuum capacity: 33 l/min against atmosphere
Dimensions: 760 mm x 580 mm x 605 mm
Optional: Module with sample saturation

Selected references for the pF laboratory and associated modules

(On request, we are happy to make contact with these houses)

  • Bayrisches Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (LfL), Freising-Weihenstephan, since 2009
  • Geologischer Dienst NRW, Krefeld, since 2010
  • Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, Hannover, since 2011