Precision-temperature- measuring-chains – Up to 48 temperature sensors at one measuring cable, vertical and horizontal measurements

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The precision-temperature-measuring chain is a highly versatile device to monitor waters, fountain levels, soil profiles etc.. Temperature is measured by up to 48 high-precision temperature sensors, connected to an enviLog-Datenlogger.

In addition to a linear array of sensors at customized distances, a star-shaped arrangement of the sensors is also possible.

  • Up to 48 digital temperature sensors at one measuring-chain
  • Individual chain length and sensor positions according to customer requirements
  • Chain or star-shaped arrangement of the sensors
  • Factory calibration
  • Option: each temperature sensor can be synchronized individually
  • Connection to enviLog-Datenlogger via 2W-bus or optional 2W-bus to SDI12-converter
  • Cable length up to 500 m; Max. water depth 100 m (10 bar)
  • PUR cable, low-adhesion, halogen-free, good hydrolysis and microbial resistance, strain relief of Kevlar yarn
  • Extreme tensile strength of the cable 
  • Low power consumption, low maintenance
Measuring Chain  
Measuring range: -40...+ 85 °C
Resolution: 0,01 °C
Accuracy (ex factory): ± 0,1 °C at 0 °C; tolerance +/- 0,01 °C
Number of sensors per measuring chain: 1...48
Output: 2W-Bus
Voltage supply: 3,3 V DC
Current consumption per knot: 1.5 mA for approx. 0.1 s
Maximum water depth: 100 m (10 Bar)
Protection class: IP68
Diameter: 6.4 mm, sensor 10 mm
Tensile strength: 500 N/cm²