Precision-thermistor string

Precision-thermistor string – Up to 48 temperature sensors at one measuring cable, vertical and horizontal measurements

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The precision-thermistor string is a highly versatile device to monitor waters, fountain levels, soil profiles etc.
With optional RS485 interface the measuring string can be used to create temperature profiles in geothermal applications.

Temperature is measured by up to 48 high-precision temperature sensors, connected to an enviLog-Datalogger.

In addition to a linear array of sensors at customized distances, a star-shaped arrangement of the sensors is also possible.

  • Up to 48 temperature sensors at one thermistor string
  • Individual string length and sensor positions according to customer requirements
  • String or star-shaped arrangement of the sensors
  • Factory calibration
  • Option: each temperature sensor can be synchronized individually
  • Connection to enviLog-Datalogger via SDI12
  • Cable length up to 500 m; Max. water depth 100 m (10 bar)
  • PUR cable, low-adhesion, halogen-free, good hydrolysis and microbial resistance, strain relief of Kevlar yarn
  • Extreme tensile strength of the cable 
  • Low power consumption
Measuring String  
Measuring range: -20...+ 80 °C
Resolution: 0,001 °C
Accuracy (ex factory): ± 0,1 °C (with comparison +/- 0,1 °C)
Number of sensors per thermistor string: 1...48
Output: SDI 12, RS 485, Modbus
Voltage supply: 6-16 V (SDI12)
4-16 V (RS485
Current consumption per knot: 10/0,8 mA/μA (SDI12)
5 mA constant (RS485)
Maximum water depth: 100 m (10 Bar)
Diameter: cable 6 mm, sensor 14 mm
Tensile strength: 500 N/cm²