Segmented suction base for laboratory lysimeters

Identifying and quantifying preferential flow in container tests (utility model IP protected)

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To sample the spatial resolution of leachate at the laboratory scale, we have divided our standard suction base into seven segments, all of which are hydraulically and pneumatically separated. Each segment has a collection funnel below the filter surface and is connected to its own collection vessel. The segments can therefore be individually subjected to negative pressure; water samples from two or more segments cannot mix. By using the same materials as our standard laboratory lysimeter, the leachate is collected with minimized sorption as per the current technical standard (as of April 2021).

Acting as filter, the segmented suction plate can be removed from the suction base, cleaned or completely replaced. It is available as a spare part and can also be replaced by the user.


Diameter 300 mm
Total area 700 cm²
Number of segments 7
Surface area of each segment 100 cm²