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18 monitoring stations of the Geological Survey Northrhine-Westfalia (NRW) and the Chamber of Agriculture (NRW) are sending their soil moisture and weather data to the ecoTech portal "" since July 2018.

In 2007, the first six ecoTech monitoring stations operated by the Geological Survey NRW went online recording weather and soil moisture data. In 2016, ecoTech was commissioned by the Chamber of Agriculture NRW with the installation of another 12 stations. They were adapted to the Geological Survey's monitoring system and are now part of a statewide nitrate monitoring network in NRW.

From May 2007 to May 2018, the Geological Survey NRW had organized the processing and online presentation of the measured values ??on their own. We had the honor in June 2018 to take on the data hosting and online presentation in close cooperation with these two federal institutions

Geological Survey Northrhine-Westfalia (NRW), Krefeld

Chamber of Agriculture Northrhine-Westfalia (NRW), Cologne