Application example: Soil monitoring in a pot experiment

Measurement of soil parameters in small lysimeters

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Monitoring soil water content, soil temperature and electrical conductivity in small lysimeters

Product Parameter
Hydra Probe Soil water content, soil temperature, electrical conductivity
enviLog: Data logger GPRS with automatic data transmission, SDI modules for easy connection of sensors (plug & play)

Other services: Arrangement of the data acquisition technique on a special designed panel (on customer request, see photo).
Delivery, installation and instruction of measuring and data transmission technique

BiK-F Biodiversität und Klimaforschungszentrum
Senckenberganlage 25
D-60325 Frankfurt/Main

ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH
Böttgerstr. 2-14
D-65439 Flörsheim/Main

Contact person:

Frau Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Cornelia Bandow

Experiment design (ECT GmbH)

  • Tempered containers with controlled greenhouse conditions
  • 3 treatments with different soil moisture levels
  • Natural vegetation of lysimeters
  • Temporal resolution by high reading frequency
  • Automated data transmission via GPRS to server and PC