Sprinkling head

Simulation of precipitation in the laboratory

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Uniform irrigation of soil surface in lab lysimeter, special design to perform various irrigation intensities

  • 163 geometrically equally distributed capillaries
  • Various capilliary sizes applicable
  • Capillaries replaceable by user
  • For very low intensities capillaries are replaced by blind plugs
  • Lateral transparent panels to control irrigation intensities
  • Visual control through transparent lid
  • Ventilation screw to speed-up initial filling
Ø (inside): 300 mm
Ø (outside): 340 mm
Height: 140 mm
Sprinkling area: 706 cm²
Quantity: 163
Material: VA
Diameter: 0,4 mm (0.45 to 0.90 mm on request)
Material: Polyethylene
Diameter: 6/4 mm outside/inside
Length 2 m