Application example: Leachate monitoring

The University of Göttingen intensive trial site in Ebergötzen

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Extraction of leachate with suction plates on two different exposed slopes in the forest

Plastic suction plates for leaching water
Electronic vacuum controls with control function
Fuel cell for independent energy supply

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Department of Physical Geography
Geographical Institute
Goldschmidtstraße 5


Dr. Jürgen Grotheer
Dr. Harold Hughes

Project leader:

Prof. Daniela Sauer

Experimental set-up

  • Two test sites on a slope with different orientation (north, south)
  • Removal of leachate with plastic suction plates
  • Three suction plates installed at four depths on each surface
  • Finely adjustable negative pressure using electronic vacuum control
  • Automatic control of system integrity through a control function
  • Near-surface sampling of the leachate when rewetting
  • Central energy supply through a fuel cell
  • Installation and commissioning by ecoTech