Tree trunk eclectors for fallen trees

"Tree trunk eclectors for fallen trees – sampling on deadwood"

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Insect trap for sampling on fallen trees.

Open eclectors can be used to trap arthropods crawling up and down the trunk. Based on the results of the catch, studies on species composition, phenology and prevalence (limited usability) can be carried out.

Closed eclectors can be used to trap bark and wood dwelling arthropods hatching for the stem. This results in a complete collection of wood-inhabiting arthropods enabling comparisons between different tree species and stages of disintegration of the fallen trees. 

  • Available as closed, open or combined eclector
  • Combination of eclector head box and collecting bottle
  • Breathable, weather-resistant tent fabric
Eclector jacket
Material: Plastic, grey
Fabric of side panels
Material: Breathable, weather-resistant fabric, black
Assembly parts
Material: V2A stainless, galvanized steel
Head box nozzle
Material: Plastic, inner side roughend
Diameter: 7,5 cm
Eclector head box
Head box: Clear, translucent, shatterproof plastic
Lid: Polystyrene
Diameter: 15 cm
Height: 11 cm
Collecting funnel
Material: Plastic
Collecting bottle:
Material: Plastic
Volume: 1000 ml