New method book release

“Field Measuring Methods in Soil Science”

Wir freuen uns, als Herausgeber das im Februar 2020 erschienene Buch vorstellen zu können:

“Field Measuring Methods in Soil Science”

We have the book available in stock (59,90 € including tax)

The following questions are treated:

  • What is the question to be answered?
  • Which parameters need to be measured?
  • What techniques do exist and how do they differ?
  • Which precision is required and achievable at what price?
  • Which is the best technical equipment for the study?
  • Which preconditions must be met to get meaningful results?
  • How many replicates are required?
  • How is the equipment installed and used optimally?
  • Which pitfalls lurk when using a certain method?
  • How to check data quality and how to interpret the data?

You can find a reading sample and a book review from the specialist audience here.