ecoTech buoy type Midi

handy measuring buoy for individual tasks

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ecoTech measuring buoy (type Midi) with two interior compartments accommodating the connection of a data logger, power supply or measuring devices. Components can be simply assembled on site.

Due to low weight of individual components (< 50 kg) the ecoTech buoy Midi can be assembled and deployed without the use of heavy tools.

Excellent possibility for self-sufficient operation of multi parameter sondes and/or temperature measuring chains on natural lakes and reservoirs of all sizes.
Equipped with attachment points for anchor lines, so that the buoy may be secured to the lake bottom.

  • Easy handling due to low weight of each component

          - float 48 kg
          - keel 6.5 kg
          - container for logger / power supply 7kg without equipment
          - antenna 2.7 kg

  • Floating body made of stainless steel, unsinkable due to foam filling
  • Individualised depending on the measurement task
  • Innovative, vandalism-proof cable bushing
  • Can be equipped with lockable and watertight containers for logger and power supply; optionally up to 2 containers
  • 2 downpipes with an inner diameter of 206 mm for loggers and batteries
  • Diameter: 800 mm
  • Height assembled: 1.85 m
  • Height of waterline to antenna: approx. 0.9 m
  • Weight: approx. 91 kg depending on equipment
  • Solar power supply, optional
  • RAL 1023 powder coating (traffic yellow)
  • Optional guying at up to three point