Glass suction cups

Glass suction lysimeters – Soil water extraction

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Extracts soil solution for the analysis of diluted organic compounds see (Suction cups product finder)

  • Glass grains sintered without use of additives or bonding
  • Small specific surface
  • Low sorption capacity for organic solutes
  • High bubble point
  • available with sampling shaft
Material: Borosilicate glass
Bubble Point: ≥ 1,000 hPa 
Pore size: approx. 1 μm 
Length: approx. 50 mm
Diameter: ca. 18-23 mm (conical)
Material: PVC
Length: as required (all lengths available)
Diameter: 25 mm
Material: PTFE und PA
Length: 1 m; other lengths available on request
Diameter: 4/2 mm (outer/inner)