Application example: Meteorological measurement tower

Autonomous weather station to record and store weather and environmental data

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Installation of a permanent observation area to collect meteorogical and hydrological data.

Meteorological measurement tower + complex weather station to measure weather and environmental parameters at different vertical heights as well as the monitoring of water quality of a local waterway.

The autonomous monitoring station with solar power sends measured data via GPRS to the end user.

Produkt Parameter
enviLog Maxi GPRS: Data logger with remote data transmission
Tipping bucket rain gauge (KU): Precipitation
Meteo MS Precipitation, Wind direction (two-dimensional), Wind velocity, Relative humidity, Barometric pressure, Air temperature
3D-Ultrasonic anemometer: Wind direction (three-dimensional), Wind velocity
Pyranometer CMP 3: Global radiation
PAR-Sensor: Photosynthetic active radiation
Lightmeter: Illumination
YSI 6600V2: Water quality