Plastic suction plates

Plastic suction plates - area-related soil water extraction

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Areal extraction of soil solution for the quantitative analysis of solute fluxes; application in field studies and lysimeters (Excursus: Suction cups product finder)

  • Suitable for inorganic solutes with high sorption coefficients
  • Heavy metals (Cd, Pb, Zn), metalloids (As, Sb) and phosphates
  • High hydraulic conductivity
  • High Bubble Point
  • Open-grained polyethylene-structure or polyamide mesh acts as a protective sleeve to obtain a optimal hydraulic connectivity to the water-filled soil pores
  • Tongue and groove system allows construction to any size
Filter material: Polyamide membrane
Bubble Point: ≥ 1,000 hPa
Pore size: 0,45 μm
Dimensions: 250 mm x 250 mm
Output volume: ca. 1000 ml/min (at water saturation and 500 hPa suction)
Material: Polyethylene or polyamide
Length: 1 m; other lengths available on request
Diameter: 6/4 mm or 4/2 mm (outer/inner)
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