Redox electrode acc. to Mansfeldt

In-situ monitoring of redox potential (EH, ORP) in soils

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Redox probe: Measures the redox potential (EH, ORP) in soils, permanent application in field or laboratory, even under water-saturated conditions

  • Special design for permanent application in soils
  • Small dimensions
  • Application in field and laboratory
  • Normalized platinum surface for improved reproducibility
  • Mobile readout or stationary using the connection module for enviLog
  • Designed by Prof. Dr. Mansfeldt, University of Cologne
Measuring range: -1 ... +1 V
Resolution: 1 mV
Platinum rod  
Material: 99,95 % Pt, hard drawn
Length: L = 5 mm
Diameter: 1 mm
Material: Carbon fiber
Length: 30 cm, other lengths available on request
Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 3 m, other lengths avalable on request
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