Application example: Monitoring soil moisture

The University of Göttingen intensive trial site in Ebergötzen

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Monitoring of soil water tension, soil water content and soil temperature on two different exposed, forested slopes.

Product Parameter
Tensiomark Soil water tension, soil temperature
Hydra probes Soil water content 
enviLog data logger GPRS with automatic remote data transmission
Expansion modules SDI for convenient connection of the sensors (plug & play)
Fuel cell for independent energy supply

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Department of Physical Geography
Geographical Institute
Goldschmidtstraße 5


Dr. Jürgen Grotheer
Dr. Harold Hughes

Project leader:

Prof. Daniela Sauer

Experimental set up

  • Two test areas on a slope with different orientation (north, south)
  • Measurement of water tension, water content and soil temperature with high spatial resolution
  • Five parallel measurements at five depths on each surface
  • Central enviLog data logger
  • Automated remote data transmission via GPRS to a database server, and from there to the user PC
  • Central energy supply through a fuel cell
  • Installation and commissioning by ecoTech