Monitoring of soil matric potential

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Measures soil water tension from pF 0 up to pF 7 (1 up to 10,000,000 hPa); maintenance-free and frost resistant

  • Matric potential sensor covers complete measuring range (pF 0-7; 1-10.000.000 hPa)
  • Maintenance-free and frost resistant
  • Unlimited measuring range (no measurement gaps in summer due to dehydration)
  • Fast response to moisture changes
  • Measurement of soil temperature (only in SDI-12-mode)
Measuring range: pF 0 to pF 7.0
Output signal (standard): Digital (SDI-12), optional analog
Operating voltage: 7 to 14 V, 12 V ideal
Power consumption:  
inactive 1.5 mA
active 45 to 50 mA
Dimensions: approx. 23 mm x 15 mm x 125 mm
Cable: 5 m; other lengths on request
Casing: Plastic

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