Application example: Precipitation sensor network

Wireless measuring network

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Large-scale monitoring of the precipitation under the beech forest with automatic remote data transmission

Product Parameter
Tipping bucket rain gauges connected to Mini impuls logger Precipitation
enviLog data logger GPRS  

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Department of Physical Geography
Geographical Institute
Goldschmidtstraße 5


Dr. Jürgen Grotheer
Dr. Harold Hughes

Project leader:

Prof. Daniela Sauer

Experimental set up

  • Measurement of rainfall through 30 tipping bucket rain gauges and 30 mini-loggers
  • Data transmission from 30 mini loggers via radio to a central enviLog datalogger (as a main logger for a total of 42 mini loggers - 30 mini loggers for inventory rainfall plus 12 mini loggers to measure base runoff volumes)
  • Automated remote data transmission from the main logger enviLog via GPRS to a database server and from there to the user PC
  • Aliquot discharge in PE sample bottles for laboratory analysis
  • Installation and commissioning by ecoTech