Application example: Water Quality Profiler - Construction of a measuring system

Profiler - Construction of a measuring system

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Frequently, the profiler is used on float platforms (figure 1). The advantage of these platforms is, that the position of the measuring system is freely selectable. Optionally a weather station for wind, humidity, precipitation or other parameters can be installed. The size and shape of the platform can be customized individually.

The profiler is tested extensively before initial commissioning. If required, the profiler is installed in a vandalism-proof manner on the float platform. If battery power is used, the measuring instrument receives power for approximately 2 months, depending on measuring interval of the profiler, depth of the lake, ambient temperature and battery power. The battery performance and of course the measurement results can be monitored via Internet every day.

The depth of the water body is determined by a level sensor. Safety precautions ensure that the multiparameter probe don’t get damaged on the bottom of the lake. The desired measuring depths should be configured, before the measurement campaign can begin. This information can be transmitted to the measuring instrument via laptop or can be changed from the office by remote parameterisation at any time.