Application example: Aftercare measures at an armament contamination location

Seepage water quality monitoring

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  • Extraction of soil water samples at 6 and 8 meter depth to control the restoration success (Tri-Halde, Stadtallendorf/Germany).
  • From 1941 to 1945, chemical residues from explosive production were disposed, containing enormous amounts of persistent and water soluble pollutants (mono toluols).
  • To protect the groundwater quality, the stockpile content was removed and conditioned at great expense between January 2003 and 2005.
  • The success of this rehabilitation measure has been controlled by leachate monitoring since summer 2005.
  • For this application we developed a special edition of our Glas-Saugkerze
Requirements of the client:
  • A. The type of suction cup had to be appropriate for the examined pollutants.
  • B. The soil water sample could not be collected in a sample bottle on the soil surface in order to avoid unnecessary heating and degassing of dissolved substances.
Solutions by ecoTech-GmbH:
  • A. Based on current information, glass is the best choice for the investigation of nitroaromatics (Excursus: Which suction cup for which project?).
  • B. Using a specially designed adapter, the suction cup was fixed to a shaft tube with a 50 mm diameter and individual parts for screw connection. A separate glass bulb (500 ml) was integrated into the plastic shaft as sampling vessel to avoid adsorption losses. The solute is removed by overpressure.

Monitoring of seepage water quality beneath the largest and most dangerous armament site in Europe (Stadtallendorf, Germany)

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