Measuring buoys with remote data transmission

Hydrological / limnological and meteorological data; buoys for continuous operation and spontaneous use

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Various measuring buoys for network-independent acquisition, recording and telecommunication of environmental data in situ.

Product Parameter
Thermistor string Temperature in C°
Flow measuring device Flow rate in m/s
Data logger enviLog Max Data Logger GPRS
Long-distance data transmission via Internet (GPRS)  
GPS receiver  

(depending on model)

  • Unsinkable float, foam filled
  • Integrated data logger
  • Innovative, vandal-proof cable grommet
  • Can be connected to a YSI water quality-Multiparameter probe
  • Optional meteorologic sensors
  • Individual versions depending on the measurement task
  • Additional sensors integratable
  • Remote data transmission, various techniques
  • Optional solar power supply
Model Buoy 50 Buoy 150 Buoy 250
Height: 950 mm 915 mm 800 mm
Diameter: 460 mm 610 mm 1000 mm
Weight: 16 kg 32 kg ca. 100 kg
Max.carrying capacity / payloadt: 23 kg 68 kg 250 kg
Anchoring: none none none
Anchor bracket: 1 1...2 1...3
Solar power: optional optional optional


Buoy 50: Transport and intake by one person

Buoy 150: Connections for navigation light; three 2“ bore for sensors with NPT thread

Buoy 250: 2 lockable, waterproof containers for loggers and supply; optional up to 4 containers