Application example: Pedological Site Support

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Project State Horticultural Show Lahr

  • Permanent installation of Tensiomark sensors at two measuring depths (20 u. 40cm)
  • Matric potential and soil temperature are measured every 15 min
  • Simultaneous measurement of precipitation and other weather data
  • Daily data transmission to data server and to e-mail addresses

Benefit of Pedological Site Support

  • Daily control of soil moisture conditions from a remote location
  • Short-term response to changing conditions (approval or construction stop)


The Pedological Site Support role supports the protection of soil against harmful impacts on construction sites,including compaction.The role is filled by qualified professionals and is especially useful for larger construction projects.

Assessment criterion for professionals

The main criterion to evaluate the traffic ability of soils on construction sites during the building phase according to BVB leaflet 2 (see below) is the soil moisture, in this case the water tension or the matric potential. Based on this parameter,benchmark values have been established, below which driving with heavy machinery is not permitted. ecoTech measuring stations are able to monitor this parameter on a daily basis and forward this information online to the site managers.

These measurements also provide a basis for forecasts. In combination with precipitation/evaporation data, soil moisture conditions can be predicted. This information is useful to both on site managers and investors who can plan machinery use in advance.

The equipment was delivered by ecoTech and installed in cooperation with the engineering office ‘solum’, Freiburg.

Product Parameter
Tensiomark Water potential, temperature
MeteoMS weathersensor Wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure
enviLog Midi with data transmission

solum, büro für boden+geologie

Freiburg im Breisgau

Dipl.-Geol. Peter Spatz*

on behalf of 

Landesgartenschau Lahr 2018 GmbH

Herr Martin Schulz-Brehme (planning/construction)

* Author of 'BVB Merkblatt Band 2, Bodenkundliche Baubegleitung' at 'Bundesverband Boden', published by Erich Schmidt-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-503-15436-4