Application example: Sensor-network in the Wismut region

Sensor-network in the Wismut region

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Experimental design (Concept: University of Jena)

  • Multi-factorial field experiment with nine test plots (12 m x 4 m each)
  • Soil: a substrate that is contaminated with heavy metals and radio nuclides from mining activities
  • Inoculation of bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi to mobilize pollutants and thus support the biological decontamination via phytoremediation
  • Monitoring of water and solute balance at two soil depths (20 and 50 cm)
  • Data logging at 15 min. intervals, automatic transmission to a data server

How does the addition of bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, as well as the addition of calcareous soil material, affect the (phyto-) remediation of soils?

All devices were delivered and installed by ecoTech:

A. Soil water sampling:  
Plastic suction cups  
Mechanical vacuum controller  
Time switches  
Solar panel  
B. Sensor network with 54 sensors (82 parameters):
Product Parameter
Hydra Probes Water content, temperature, electrical conductivity
Tensiomarks Soil matric potential, temperature
enviLog Maxi with GPRS  
enviLog Midi with GPRS  
Solar panel  

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