Application example: ecoTech buoy type Bodensee

Source of the future project from the Lake Constance Water Supply Association (ZBWV)

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Monitoring of temperature conditions and water quality in Überlinger See. In terms of scheduling and setup of a new water extraction point, ecoTech developed a new buoy with precision temperature measuring chain, Exo Sonde as well as weather station and pyranometer

‘Water for generations’ is the vision of the Lake Con-stance Water Supply, whose remit is to supply clean drinking water to the approximately four million inhabit-ants of the Lake Constance/Odenwald catchment.
To achieve this in a climatically uncertain future, weather and water quality data are important considerations when planning new water extraction points.
"It is extremely important to us to ensure the best drink-ing water quality in the long term," explains Alexander Frey from Lake Constance Water Supply.
"That is why we and the State Institute for the Environ-ment (LUBW) have a common scientific interest in the conditions of Lake Constance". (Source: BWV)

Product Parameter
ecoTech buoy type Bodensee  
Multiparameter probe EXO2 EXO conductivity / temperature sensor
EXO pH / REDOX sensor
EXO turbidity sensor
EXO oxygen sensor, optical
EXO total algae / PC sensor
EXO central wiper
Temperature measuring chain  
Weather station with Meteo MS e.g. wind direction, wind speed, precipitation
enviLog Maxi Data logger GPRS
enviWatch data server