Application example: Molybdenum in steelworks slags

Molybdenum in steelworks slags – Leaching and sorption

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How much molybdenum is leached out of steelworks slags and what part of it - depending on the substrate's own pH - is subsequently sorbed in underlying soil layers?

Molybdenum in steelworks slags – Leaching and sorption

  • Extraction of undisturbed soil columns (D = 30 cm, H = 80 cm) with ecoTech laboratory lysimeters
  • Deposition of various steelworks slags with known high molybdenum leaching rates on the soil surface to simulate installation of steel mill slag, e.g. in open road construction
  • Irrigation of lysimeters and removal of seepage water with mini-suction cups at different heights of the soil column and at the suction bottom of the laboratory lysimeter
  • Analysis of the leachate to investigate the sorption behavior of molybdenum in the soil body
  • Accompanying measurements of the redox potential in the soil body and pH in the eluate

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