Self-sufficient measuring field station

Pedological-meteorological measuring station

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Autarkic measuring field station + fully automated pedological-meteorological  measuring station on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein, off-grid with data transmission, ca. 3 km away from the North Sea. 

  • Universität Köln, Geographisches Institut t
    Arbeitsgruppe Bodengeographie/Bodenkunde
    Herr Prof. Dr. Tim Mansfeldt
  • Connection of redox electrodes via 3 redox-connecting modules; ; in total 48 parameters are recorded with 1 Data logger, the enviLog Maxi
  • Fully automated daily data transmission via GPRS to ecoTech-Server
  • An e-mail message is then sent including data attachment to e-mail address of the user
  • All components require very little maintenance; solar panel allows year round off-grid service


  • Redox electrodes (18 St.):Redox potential
  • pH-Electrodes: (8 St.)pH-Value
  • Tensiomark:Soil moisture tension
    Soil temperature
  • Meteo MS:Air temperature
    Air pressure Relative humidity
    Wind velocity
    Wind direction
  • NRLite:Radiation balance
  • Water level probe:Groundwater level
  • Conductivity probe :Electrical conductivity of groundwater
  • How do rising sea levels and a change in precipitation, as a consequence of global warming, influence aeration and drainage of lime marshland?